Past Related Events

Wednesday 29 November 2017 – October 2020:

First meeting of International Metropolitan Trail Association.
Part of opening Trail Designers Exhibition at MuCem (Marseille)

InspiralLondon was delighted to be one city trail in the living archive exposition MuCem Marseille, as part of the growing network of International Metropolitan Trails completed, designed or envisaged. A vitrine display of trails with map of London spiral trail also included: Terres communes- Sentier du Grand Bordeaux 1999; Sentieri Metropolitani-Sentier du Grand Milan 2008; Gr2013- Sentier du Grand Marseille; Entre deux mers- Sentier du Grand Istanbul 2013; SMGP- Sentier du Grand Paris 2014; Houmani- Sentier du Grand Tunis 2014; Provence Express- Sentier du Grand Avignon 2015; Buro fur Stadtereisen- Sentier du Grand Cologne 2017.

InspiralLondon would like to thank MT (Baptiste Lanaspeze and Paul-Herve Lavessiere) for inviting us to take part in the exhibition and for hosting the inaugural meeting of the International Metropolitan Trail Association.

This exhibition will run for 3 years and makes up the penultimate display of  one floor of the museum gallery  (European culture and contemporary anthropology within a Mediterranean context). More info CP-Sentiers-Mucem


Boris Sieverts drawing out the Urban tangle of Cologne (Wednesday 29 November 2017)

6-7 May 2017 – Soundcamp Reveil

InspiralLondon took part in Soundcamp Reveil, which began at 5am London time (UTC+1) and travelled west just ahead of sunrise on a wave of live sounds relayed by streamers around the world: passing from urban rooftops to deep ocean hydrophones to remote forests in a 24-hour audit of the earth on International Dawn Chorus Day.

More info about Soundcamp here.

Soundcamp web

1 April 2017, 2:30pm – The Beautification Committee

InspiralLondon co-organised festival of walks in April with CoolWalks and CGP London, including an open walking workshop on the subject of beautification in Southwark Park as well as local estates. We’ve also created a commission for a pamphlet with an artist’s map based on Ada Salter’s 1920 Beautification Committee, which developed much of the green space, mature trees and landscaping schemes we know today. The Beautification pamphlet will launch on 13 August at CGP London as part of the Bermondsey Artists’ Group show, Common and Garden.

IMG_1570 web

InspiralLondon Festival picked up by  Art & Architecture Journal / Press ~ Art ~ Architecture ~ Visual Culture.

On Saturday 6 February 2016 at 2.30 pm Inspiral London was invited to contribute to Breaking the Bounds: Walking London and Beyond – on Resonance 104.4fm

Artists Rebecca Feiner and Calum F Kerr discussed alternative ways of walking London with Charlie Fox (Counterproductions, Inspiral London) and Clare Qualmann (walking artists network, walkwalkwalk, Perambulator). With an appearance by J. D. Swann, Muswell Hill’s leading Ornithological Investigator.

20 June 2015 – Soundcamp

Soundcamp and Detours 2/InspiralLondon collaborated on a live broadcast from the Thames estuary at Gravesend (near to Tilbury Docks, London) on the morning of Saturday 20 June 2015 from 10.00-12.00 BST,  linked to fluid states north (Amager, Copenhagen) and the Artist Porous Studio.

Soundcamp streamed explorations of the south shore Thames, the crossing via small passenger ferry to the north bank and further soundings from the north side of the River near to the fort, along the tidal foreshore. This whole estuarine landscape comprising wetlands, reedbeds and mudflats  directly impacted by changing sea levels, evokes shifting lines between marine and urban, and human and nonhuman communities.
Soundcamp use live audio streaming to set up a meshwork of real time sound links between remote locations, accessed via the Locus Sonus soundmap. The broadcast used the open source Locuscast app for iPhone. Listeners could follow progress by tracking the GPS linked microphone, or listening directly in a browser or player.


6 July 2014 – Inspiral begins

“On the path were rusted sculptures that should have been milestones. They’d been sponsored and delivered, but they didn’t belong. ‘Art’, I muttered. ‘Watch out’. Objects that draw attention to themselves signal trouble.” (London Orbital, Iain Sinclair: 67-68)

The first collective meeting for artist-led mapping of the new Inspiral walk trail through and out of London took place at the Shed, Stave Hill Ecology Park, on Sunday 6th July 2014. Artists shared work and discussed Detours in Marseille Provence, an international artistic exchange project hosted by decentrederspace.

November 2013 – A Metropolitan Trail for London

Counterproductions Director Charlie Fox first discussed the idea of creating a Metropolitan Trail in London with Baptiste Lanaspeze in November 2013. Over the next year in discussion with a number of artists and interested parties the spiral trail took shape. It was launched in June 2015. Inspiral associate artists recently finished the on the ground mapping of the complete trail in October 2017. The trail is available to follow as a googlemap and a full trail map will be published in March 2018.